This is why Trump’s election is causing the recent uptick in interest rates

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QUESTION: Martin– Your models seem to predict a Trump win. Given Trump’s stated preference for low interest rates, how does that jive with rates needing to go up to normalize things and save pensions in the next year or two? Would the Fed have to give in to President Trump? Thanks! RK ANSWER: Keep two things in mind.

Kudlow added: "Some of these recent budget deals have not been. deficits, you would see that interest rate rise and be a greater penalty.. full replay: Trump Holds 2020 Campaign MAGA Rally in. Chuck Todd: Mueller Hearing An Optics "Disaster," Didn't Advance The Cause For Trump Impeachment.

Something that Republican presidential nominee donald trump said during the first presidential debate caught my attention. He said that we were in an asset bubble that would pop when the federal reserve allows interest rates to rise. He claimed that the fed’s control of interest rates, and the bubble it has produced, are politically motivated.

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The Federal Reserve has hinted it will raise rates in December. Whether it actually does hinges on who wins next Tuesday’s presidential election. typically, the Fed is guided by the economic data; elections are just transitory nuisances with little significance for the outlook. But this is no typical election.

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