DOJ charges hundreds in mortgage rescue scams

Mortgage Relief Scams and Mortgage Advertising and Servicing. Mortgage relief scammers falsely claim that, for a fee (typically hundreds or thousands of dollars paid up-front), they will negotiate with consumers’ mortgage lenders or servicers to obtain a loan modification or other relief to avoid delinquency or foreclosure.

Federal, State Partners Announce Multi-Agency Crackdown Targeting Foreclosure Rescue Scams, Loan Modification Fraud civil enforcement cases, State Enforcement Actions, Alert to Financial InstitutionsAmong New Efforts to Protect American Homeowners Seeking Relief

ReverseVision launches interactive comparison tool for reverse mortgages ReverseVision launches interactive comparison tool for reverse mortgages. Allows users to assess the HECM versus HELOC and other loans. ReverseVision has long been on a mission to elevate reverse mortgage technology to encourage more borrowers and traditional loan officers to.

A Chicago man and woman charged in a civil suit 18 months ago with mortgage rescue fraud have been arrested on similar criminal charges. Warren Jackson. was part of a national crackdown by the.

Protecting Homeowners From Scams. lease-to-own schemes where a scammer claims to sell a house but pockets all the payments. The Oregon DOJ investigates and prosecutes the Mortgage Rescue Fraud Prevention Act and other mortgage and foreclosure rescue fraud offenses. Violations may incur civil and criminal penalties, including prison.

Unsuspecting homeowners each paid hundreds of dollars. were being charged monthly fees for the programs. The companies were not immediately available for comment. "These schemes put a new twist on.

Flagstar mortgage servicing settlement with CFPB imminent Let’s revisit the Flagstar Bank case which I touched on in my November 20, 2014 posting.This is an important case for a number of reasons, most notably because it was the CFPB’s first.

Forty businesses are facing charges for allegedly preying on Washington homeowners facing foreclosure. None of the companies or individuals charged with offering these “mortgage rescue services.

Mortgage Fraud Crimes & Charges. The crime of mortgage fraud only takes place if omissions are made or false information is intentionally submitted. Accidental mistakes, therefore, do not constitute a crime. It is very difficult to make the distinction between these two, particularly when an individual home buyer is involved.

Home Washington Press Releases 2012 Mortgage Rescue Business Owner Sentenced to 90 Months for Fraud Info This is archived material from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI.

The scammer may have taken a new mortgage out on your home for hundreds of thousands of dollars more than your mortgage, making it impossible for you to buy back your home. Partial interest bankruptcy scams. The scam operator asks you to give a partial interest in your home to one or more persons.

A yearlong Department of Justice and FBI initiative to protect distressed borrowers from foreclosure rescue scams resulted in charges against 530 accused con artists and the uncovering of $1.

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