Janet Yellen is not a guaranteed Fed Chair pick

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Larry Summers may be out of the race in securing the Federal Reserve Chairman post, but don’t assume janet yellen is a guaranteed pick just yet. Janet Yellen is not a guaranteed Fed Chair pick.

President Trump on Thursday nominated Jerome "Jay" Powell as chairman of the Federal Reserve. Powell, who sits on the Fed’s Board of Governors, will succeed Janet Yellen as head of the central.

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The Federal Reserve is getting a shakeup. President Trump has named Jerome Powell as the next chairman of the nation’s central bank. pending senate confirmation, he will replace Janet Yellen, the first woman to head the Federal Reserve, who was appointed by President Obama in 2014.Yellen’s term expires in early 2018.

The country would benefit from Ms. Yellen’s continued service. Read more on this topic: Sebastian Mallaby: The risk in Trump’s possible Fed chair pick? He’s not risky enough. The Post’s View: Janet.

Who will Trump pick for Fed? President Trump on Wednesday said he is "thinking about" keeping Janet Yellen on as chair of the Federal Reserve Board. will remind Thais and people all over the world.

Whether Donald Trump follows through on announcing a new Federal Reserve chair in the coming weeks or not, traders across financial markets. meaning more rate hikes and a flatter yield curve.

Jerome Powell, Trump’s choice to be the next Federal Reserve Chair, is a perfectly defensible pick. He’s worked on Wall Street. What’s indefensible, though, is not simply reappointing Janet L.

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Yellen, who is the first woman to lead the Fed, is also set to become the first Fed chair in recent history to complete a first term and not be nominated for a second.

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But unlike Janet Yellen and the two Fed Chairs that preceded her, Powell does not hold a Ph.D nor is he an economist. Instead, he started as a lawyer after graduating with a J.D. from Georgetown.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said on Friday that asset. and the economy in general is doing well, Yellen said. But she cautioned that the world may not return to its.